Prickly Pear Seed Oil 30ml


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A rich, intense, luxurious oil, prickly pear seed oil is a treasure from Morocco. Originating from the seeds of a cactus (and a superfood!), prickly pear seed oil is the reason prickly pears stay so plump and juicy despite sweltering under the blistering sun of the African desert.

No oil can compare to prickly pear seed oil’s high concentration of vitamin E, its burst of antioxidants, or its ability to quench even the most tired, parched, and thirstiest skin. Boasting an unmatched vitamin K content, prickly pear seed oil has been shown to minimize the appearance of persistent under-eye circles and dark spots on skin.

For unparalleled hydration and a delectable treat for your skin, prickly pear seed oil is a powerful concoction that’s wonderful for all skin types, especially mature skin that’s looking to be rejuvenated. 

Our Prickly Pear Seed Oil is 100% organic, certified by EcoCert, and fair trade. 



Apply 3-4 drops to face and neck and gently massage. For best results, apply morning & night. Can be used over the top of Skin Crush serums.

For a firmer and dewier complexion, massage in with our rose quartz Gua Sha.

  • Suitable for ALL skin types especially mature.
  • Has a very high vitamin E content, 3 times higher than Argan oil.
  • Contains an extremely high concentration of essential fatty acids omega 6 and 9 (60.5% of linoleic acid and 20.6% oleic acid)
  • Oils high in linoleic acid are the most recommended for acne-prone skin. This is because research has shown that people with acne tend to have lower levels of linoleic acid on their skin's surface.
  • Lightweight non-comedogenic dry oil, absorbs quickly and leaves no residue. Will not clog pores.
  • Dark spot and under eye treatment
  • Sourced from Morocco and bottled in Australia
  • Ethically sourced from the Berber women's cooperative in Morocco under fair trade principals. 
  • Certified Organic
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Light natural botanical scent
  • Compost or recycle paper tube, recycle or reuse glass bottle

  • Prickly pear seed oil is one of the most precious and expensive oils in the world due to its extraction method which is extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming. As each seed contains only 5% of oil, up to 1000kg of fruit (1 million prickly pear seeds) is required to yield about 1 litre of oil.

100% Unrefined Moroccan Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Prickly Pear Seed Oil (Barbary Fig fruit).

Our Prickly Pear Seed Oil is 100% organic, certified by EcoCert.

Customer Reviews

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Luxury in a bottle

Thought I’d give this oil a go since a few of my friends had talked about it. Boy! What an oil! It glides on like velvet and soakes into the skin leaving it jucy and supple but not greasy! I recommend applying 30 mins before any other type of skincare or makeup is applied! Highly recommend for everyone. I’ve just ordered my second bottle.
Doesn’t clog my pores and it has made my complexion significantly more even than before I used it.

Maryam Alsharmani
Prickly Pear Seed Oil

I love it and I will buy it again and again.Highly recommend it as anti aging product and it’s reduce the dark circles as it’s the richest oil with vitamin K.

Pear Oil. Amazing !

I love this! It’s so hydrating. The smell is a little odd but it doesn’t stick around! I’ve only been using it just on a week and don’t know how I’ve gone without it!!

Amazing Prickly Pear Seed Oil

I love this oil, it hydrated my skin and makes it look younger and healthier.

Robyn Monk
Prickly pear seed oil

Lovely oil that doesn’t leave your skin greasy. My skin looks better than it has for many years. Highly recommend.

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