Vitamin C Benefits for the Skin

Skin-brightening powerhouse vitamin C is the primary antioxidant in human skin and is an essential nutrient required for the growth and repair of damaged skin cells and tissues in all parts of the body, including the skin. Aiding the skin's natural regeneration process and helping to offset daily aggressors like UV damage and exposure to air pollution, vitamin C inhibits many of the key enzymes responsible for skin discolouration without altering normal skin pigmentation, as it simultaneously promotes supple, luminous skin.

The powerful antioxidant that is found naturally in fruits and vegetables can prevent or at least reduce damage to our cells by neutralising the production of highly reactive molecules known as free radicals for a healthier skin function. Free radicals are innately unstable atoms that are known to cause oxidative stress and damage skin cells, visibly presenting themselves on the surface of the skin as dullness, uneven skin tone and premature wrinkles. Shielding the skin's surface by scavenging these free radicals, vitamin C protects the skin, keeping it healthy and improving the appearance of visible signs of skin ageing. 

A champion anti-ageing ingredient, vitamin C supports the revival of collagen and elastin, the powerhouse duo of proteins that keep the complexion looking plump and supple while reducing collagen damage in the skin's dermis by revitalising fatigued, pigmented and lack-lustre skin. Vitamin C also helps to prevent glycation, the reaction between sugar and proteins in our skin, which stiffens our collagen, making skin more brittle and prone to uneven texture and loss of volume. Vitamin C neutralises glycation before it can affect the proteins so skin stays supple for longer! 

Skin Crush Desert Lime Serum and Kakadu Plum Serum both contain vitamin C, delivering both moisture and firmness through antioxidants while slowing down the process of photo-ageing of the skin, increasing collagen levels and improving the effects of UV exposure and environmental damage. Leaving the skin thoroughly protected against age-inducing free radicals for a softer more radiant appearance.

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