The Story Behind The Unique Extraction Method

Natural, Effective, Ethical 

Ready for a Skin Crush science lesson? We’re sharing the lowdown on the unique extraction method that allows the powerful phyto ingredients of plants in our amazing serums.

Let’s start with the ‘phyto’ bit...

Phytonutrients are super-powerful natural chemicals or compounds produced by plant cells that offer a range of incredible health and skincare benefits. But, these benefits are only available when the nutrients are extracted in an efficient way that keeps them active, natural, and stable. 

The question is, how are these powerful yet delicate phytonutrients extracted in the most effective, natural and ethical way while keeping them 100% stable?

That’s where the science part comes in...

When inside the plant, these special nutrients are held in a liquid matrix - a serum - that protects them. The extraction system mimics the internal process of the plant itself - even down to a liquid matrix that mimics the protective plant serum. This chemical-free process results in highly active, stable extracts that only contain pure, powerful plant nutrients.

And best of all? Unlike other extraction methods like percolation or maceration, this system involves no chemical manipulation and the extracts contain zero chemical synthetic actives. 

Instead, 100% natural phytonutrients are extracted that are as active, stable and efficient on the outside as they are on the inside of their plant source.

Because we all know that natural is best - for our skin, for our bodies, and for the environment. This synthetic-free process produces ethical, organic products that bring you the maximum skin-boosting power of natural plant nutrients in their purest and active form. 


The Power of Pure Vitamin C

Is there anything that Vitamin C can’t do?! This powerful antioxidant can assist in reversing signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, help protect against free radical damage, pigmentation, reduce sun damage, promote collagen production and brighten skin tone. That’s quite a list!

But what you may not know is that this potent vitamin is extremely unstable once extracted, causing it to break down and lose its incredible healing properties. What’s more, while there’s a wide range of synthetic Vitamin C derivatives on the market, only pure Vitamin C in its natural form can offer the amazing skin benefits we all crave. 

By using this extraction method, pure Vitamin C is extracted within the plant’s liquid matrix (the serum that keeps this precious substance protected, stable and active). The result is a 100% active and stable serum that contains pure Vitamin C in its glorious natural form.

So you can enjoy the phenomenal antioxidant power of natural Vitamin C without any of the nasties.

P.S. It just so happens that some of the most potent forms of Vitamin C are found in Kakadu Plum and Desert Lime - so our Kakadu Plum Eye Revive Serum and Desert Lime AM Face Serum pack a serious skin-saving punch of pure Vitamin C!